Woche vom 28. August – 03. September

01.09. – Konzert: Bitpart // Jessica 93 // Bleakness // Burger Weekends

20.08.20431431_1288272501299402_8556440278917532739_nMelancholic, grim and also very happy- the Wundertüte of shows:

Three-piece punk band from Paris, France. Songs of love and hate. Sweet and harsh.

—Jessica 93—
Wave Noise/Grunge-Thingy. Multiple persona one man band. Dark and occasionally very dark, too.

Punk-Trio from Nantes. 
Not a blackmetal band. Srsly.

—Burger Weekends—
Local Poppunk legends and Fastfood enthusiasts from Osnabrück.

…yes, there will be Pfeffi and yes there will be an aftershowparty. Come along, it’s going to be great ♥


02.09. – Konzert (Tobsucht): Crush & Remedy

20.08.15622366_1610280042347378_8394116079381117234_nYes, dieses Jahr erweisen uns Crush und Remedy aus GRAZ wieder die Ehre und bespielen die Baracke mit ihren wunderbaren Sounds.

Crush (Graz)
Crush is a Dream Pop/Indie-Rock Band. Founded in 2016, Crush released their first EP „Damaged Goods“ in May and has already been on tour in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The bands’ sound is influenced by 90s Indie-Rock, as well as by darker musical aesthetics in the likes of the 80’s New Wave, Goth and Post Punk movement combined with bittersweet Pop melodies of the 60s. Expect some fuzzy guitar tones, dreamy synth sound and vocals drowned in reverb.
Right now the Band is putting final touches on their debut LP, which will be recorded in 2017 and is due to be released the same year.

Cocteau Twins, Fleetwood Mac, the Cure, Luna, Dinosaur Jr., R.E.M.


Remedy (Graz)
Europe the same and the one after, Remedy is about to finish works on their second full length called „Cool“. Heavily influenced by energetic 80s Post Punk and the roaring sounds of the 90s Noise- and Grunge movement, Remedy found themselves in the studio together with Wolfgang Möstl(Mile Me Deaf, Sex Jams) in the summer of 2016 to capture their very own idea of the almost too frequently used expression Indie-rock.

pixies, beatles, dinosaur jr., red wine


Baracke, Scharnhorststr. 100
Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Start: 20:00 Uhr

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